Helsingborg Region

Copyright: Mickael Tannus/Familjen Helsingborg

Helsingborg Region

Close your eyes. What do you see when you think about Skåne? Undulating fields of rapeseed, villages where the roads winds its way between half-timbered houses and long sandy beaches. If so, then you're quite right. But here in Northwest Skåne we have a little bit more of everything. There's drama here, too. Söderåsen features wild primeval forests and Kullaberg draws visitors who come to marvel at the precipices and caves.

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Farm Shops


Here in Skåne, we're especially proud of our excellent food — particularly our local organic produce.


We've never been known for our modesty. But now we are really going to brag. The fact is that Northwest Skåne has the world's second highest concentration of golf courses. Only Florida has a higher concentration. We have 25 golf clubs and 31 courses within 40 minutes of Helsingborg. And these aren't just any courses. The vary in character between coastal and inland, with differing degrees of difficulty to suit everyone from beginners to professionals. When you want to play a round, it is always an advantage if the course isn't covered with snow. Snow is rare this far south in Sweden, so most courses are open all year round.


Travel to Helsingborg Region

In this region all the distances are short. Close to everything and easy to get here. That's the right way to describe Helsingborg Family. We are located conveniently close to the E4 and E6 and train ferry and bus connections are good. We also have three airports within an hour's travel from the region: Ängelholm Helsingborg, Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport. Copenhagen takes you quickly. A train ride in just over an hour from Helsingborg, and presto, you are there.

Do & See

Here in northwest Skåne we have extra everything! And it's close to everything. It is close to farm shops with award winning sausages, potteries, emerald green golf courses, castles with flowering gardens, freshly baked vanilla hearts, ancient fishing villages and long Sand Beach. Welcome to our home!