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Discover Linköping - located on the stunning Östgöta Plains in the province of Östergötland. Are you itching to dive into the heat of city life, or is a relaxing country jaunt more to your taste? You don’t have to choose – all the culture and entertainment of Linköping is just minutes away from our amazing countryside of plains, lakes and canals. Go on a boat ride, wander the Östgöta Trail, go to the theater or have a bite to eat at one of the city’s many restaurants.

The City

Experience Linköping! Don’t miss the idyllic Old Linköping, with its artisan shops and museums. Travel in time and experience life in a small Swedish city a hundred or more years ago. And don’t miss the canal locks in the picturesque Berg, where the Göta Canal flows into Lake Roxen. Did you know that Linköping has the the largest number of canal locks in Sweden? Boating, walking or bicycling along the Göta Canal and Kinda Canal is an experience you won’t soon forget. The garden society, Trädgårdsföreningen, and the peaceful walking paths along the Stångån River/Kinda Canal are the green oases of the city. But Linköping is also surrounded by beautiful country, like the fantastic Oak Woodland—Northern Europe’s biggest continuous stretch of oak forest, just a few kilometers from downtown Linköping. The air force museum, Flygvapenmuseum, features a salvaged DC3 that was shot down over the Baltic in 1952 during the Cold War. In the downtown area you find perfect shopping with elegant art galleries, design shops and a mix of popular chains and cozy cafés. Linköping is located close to the capital of Sweden - Stockholm. Traveling between Stockholm and Linköping only takes a few hours regardless if you go by train or by car. Welcome to Linköping, and enjoy the genuin Swedish experience!

Top 5

Every city has something unique and Linköping is no exception! Linköping is home to the heart of Göta Kanal - Berg Locks, historical experiences and a vibrant nightlife. Regardless how long your visit in Linköping is, there are a few pearls you just can't miss. Get inspired by the top 5 must see attractions under your visit!

Top 5 Kids & Family

Outside, inside, culture, play or knowledge. In Linköping there are a lot of things to discover. Let yourself be inspired by Linköping's top 5 seasonal toned activities for families.

Top 5 Nature Spots

Open landscapes with beautiful plains or sparkling water in a deep forest? What do you prefer? In Linköping you don't have to choose! The distance is never a problem because everything is close. The nature in Linköping is very varied and below we have listed the top 5 nature pearls you just can't miss!

Events and nearby Experiences

In Linköping there is something for everyone and there is a top-notch blend of experiences, events and culture. The city's music stages feature rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues and most everything in between. Take a look at the selection of events and nearby experiences below and get inspired how to spend your time in Linköping and the near by area. For more tips on events in Linköping, visit The list is regularly updated to make sure that you will get the most out of your stay. Welcome to Linköping!


Sweet dreams in Linköping! With its strategic position along the E4 highway, Linköping is the perfect place to stop for the night. Its central location in Östergötland also makes Linköping a great home base for excursions in the beautiful and fascinating surroundings. When you’re looking for a place to stay, you always have plenty of alternatives to choose from. Linköping has around 1640 hotel rooms and 270 rooms in other accommodation categories. The hotels vary from large, familiar chains to small, independent hotels. What is most important to you? Location, price, the breakfast buffet, a garage or gym and sauna facilities? Below are the current top 5 most popular booked hotels in Linköping based on customer experiences from TripAdvisor. If you want to see all of Linköpings hotels, visit The list is updated once a month.


Linköping offers a wide range of delicious cuisine with influences from every corner of the world. But we’re particularly proud of our own Östergötland cuisine. Our location on the rich green Östergötland Plain is not only picturesque, it also gives us access to the best possible fresh-grown ingredients. All around Linköping are wide-open plains and deep, dark woods, with a wealth of lakes and waterways. Thanks to all this richness, food producers and restaurants can offer all the best that nature provides. Several of Linköping’s restaurants are featured in the White Guide, a comprehensive annual list of the best restaurants in Sweden. Those restaurantes are represented below. While you’re in Linköping, don’t miss the regional speciality of Östergötland – potato pancakes with pork!


Chill out at a café. Enjoy some of the Swedish classics – cinnamon buns, “princess tortes” and cookies of all kinds – at the traditional cafés around Linköping. If you’re looking for something new and trendy, there are plenty of espresso bars in central Linköping, and many of their menus offer international taste sensations. Several of Linköping’s cafe´s are featured in the White Guide, a comprehensive annual list of the best restaurants in Sweden. Those cafe´s are represented below. Have a happy "fika"!

Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife is concentrated to Stora Torget Square and Ågatan Street, a row of restaurants, bars and nightclubs like a string of pearls. But there are a few places along the Stångån River as well. In the summer, the city is crammed with outdoor restaurants and cafés. On balmy evenings, this is the place to be. Get together with friends, have a drink or a bite to eat and enjoy the great atmosphere. Thanks to the 27,000 university students in Linköping, there are also plenty of active pubs and other places especially for students.


When it comes to shopping, the best thing about Linköping is that there are not only one, but but two, places where you can shop ’til you drop. You can either go to Tornby, the largest shopping center in Östergötland County, or head downtown. Forget about tired legs, sore feet and long distances - in Linköping everything is close by.