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Sundsvall is the destination for those who want to embellish their holiday in Norrland with shopping and entertainment. Today, this is the home to Norrland’s largest city mall and Birsta Shopping Centre, which is one of Sweden’s largest out-of-town retail centre. Amid the northern nature, and at the heart of everything, you will find, perhaps, one of the country’s most beautiful city centres with rich ornate post-renaissance stone buildings. Raise your eyes towards the beautiful facades and enjoy!

The City

If there is a Swedish city that has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and dazzled the rest of the world with its new splendour, it must be Sundsvall. After the major fire in 1888, the city was rebuilt with insurance money and contributions from the rich timber magnates. It was built entirely in stone and designed by the leading architects of the time, who took pride in outdoing each other. It would be, absolutely, impossible to build a similar city today. Back then, Sundsvall was Sweden’s Klondike, a city to which thousands of people travelled to seek their fortune and a better life. Today, Sundsvall is a city buzzing with life and activity more than ever. The opportunities to find happiness here have not diminished with the years, quite the opposite. Sweden’s largest coastal delta is formed at the mouth of the river Indalsälven where it flows into the Gulf of Bothnia. This unique natural environment is best explored on foot or by canoe. Sundsvall-Timrå Airport, the county’s largest airport, is located in the middle of the delta, a stone’s throw from the magnificent Y sculpture created by the artist Bengt Lindström. Here is also a seaside 18-hole golf course. Timrå is also home to Merlo, the only castle in Norrland, and the beautiful Tynderö peninsula with its many roadside cafes and farm shops along Skeppshamnsleden. A ten-minute drive south brings you to Birsta Retail Centre and Sundsvall’s diverse offerings. The geographical heart of Sweden is starting to develop into a musical centre. The rock bands Takida and Corroded both originate from Ånge. The beautiful valley of the river Ljungan, dotted with small villages and large manors from the days of the timber magnates, strikes a chord in people’s hearts. The result is sweet music.

Top 10

10 things you have to see and do when you´re visiting Sundsvall.


Sundsvall has all sorts of activities to make your vacation memorable. We have the hot city tempo, old town charm, activities and culture, history and architecture. You’ll love it at any time of the year – summer or winter, no matter the occasion.


Delight in the tastes and ideas of the whole world! Several restaurants in Sundsvall are specially recognised in the White Guide. We have gourmet restaurants, cocktail bars, international cuisine, cosy local eateries, ecological alternatives, hotspots, romantic hideaways… You name it!


An event in Sundsvall might be a street festival with 150,000 visitors, a concert for 20,000 people, or something as small-scale as a children’s theater performance or a flea market. Big or small, there’s always something going on!


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Do & See

Experience more! There’s a lot to see in the Sundsvall region. The natural attractions are just as fascinating as the historical sites. And don’t miss the Stone City…


Sundsvall is truly a city of cafes. Whether you are looking for a plain cup of Joe, the latest trendy coffee drink, some delectable tidbit, an ecological alternative, or a light meal, we have the place for you.


Shopping is one of Sundsvall’s strongest features. The range and variety are of big city standard and attract visitors from the whole of Norrland.